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11951 Glorietta Rd, San Elizario TX. 79849 (915) 851-2705 licondairyazaderos@yahoo.com
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An El Paso Treasure
History Of How We Started
An El Paso tradition, The Licon Dairy has been serving our community for over 50 years. From the early start, our Mexican style string cheese has been a local favorite since it was delivered from door to door by the company founders Soltero & Isabella Martinez. Only a couple of packages were made daily and sold. Eugenio Sr. & Maria Licon then proceeded to push the company further and began to sell in local markets and small grocery stores. As the third generation, Gene Jr. & Sandra Licon have expanded their business and founded new and exciting ways to bring in new customers. Their son Angel Licon created a modern and new technique of selling their home-made products available to their customers nation wide. Everyday over 500 packages are sold and enjoyed by local customers and out of town customers.
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(915) 851-2705
A picture of our last cow before all cows were moved to our milking dairy located 45 miles in Fort Hancock, TX.  She is kept inside our store to be shown to our young ones what an actual cow looks like.
This is our store where all our cheese is sold along with many other dairy products. Our counters receive hundreds of customers daily from El Paso and out of town cities. 
Our entire petting zoo and park is  free to the public. We do not charge either for field trips.
Hand feed our variety of different animals including : Goats, Deer, Llamas, Donkeys, Camel, Buffalo, Ostrich and much more.
Spend your day relaxing and fishing in our very own pond stocked weekly with fish. For only a small fee!
An early photo taken in 1993, showing Eugenio Sr. Licon making the Azaderos.