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Our Historical Type Of Cheese
Azaderos Cheese (10 Slices)
  • Our famous Azadero cheese. This product is what has made our business as successful as it is. 
  • It is very easy to peel apart and snack on. It is also used to eat over a hot tortilla. We can almost guarantee you will finish a package before you can make it home. 
  • 10 oz. (10 slices)- $4.25
Queso Azaderos (Solid)
  • The same taste as the Azaderos but comes in a solid chunk. Made solid for easy cutting or ideal for grading.
  • This Cheese is sold by weight.
  • Available
             12oz - $4.25
             1lb - $4.50
             2lbs- $9.00
             3lbs - $13.75

Queso Jalapeno 
  • This product is exactly the same as the Queso Azadero but is enriched with spicy jalapeno slices. The queso Jalapeno is sold as a solid cheese.
  • Available:  
   12oz - $4.25
   2lbs - $ 10.50
   3lbs - $13.75
   6lbs - $26.50

Suero De Sal (Whey)
  • Suero Del Sal (Whey) is a side product from the azadero cheese during its cooking process. Many people substitute suero for cooking oil to enrich the flavor in the food.
  • Available
   1 Quart - $2.00